Users and e-books Product Research


Our group is choosing to target the 40-55 year age group.

e books

Our group would define an e book as an electronic book that allows us to have many books within a small electronic device that allows you to carry a library around with you in your pocket or handbag.
It takes up a small storage space in your home.

You read it like an ordinary book using buttons to navigate the pages and chapters.  It also has a thesaurus and dictionary built into it.   Most books allows you to comment on them and send your likes to twitter and facebook.  When you have finished reading it also brings up other books of a similar nature and books by the same author to encourage you to buy more.

Books have to be available to be read in many different screen sizes.   Some of these sizes the formats would have to deal with are smart phones, I-pads,e -books,P.C. and the different software involved for these devices.

To create an e-book will will be using a users group of 40-55 and we will be using the appropriate format, fonts, photographs, info graphics, and style suitable for this group.


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Brief Heritage Lauder/Carnegie college 6 points plus information for infographics

 Heritage Brief on – Lauder Technical School/ Lauder Technical College/Carnegie College.

 Research – Carnegie Library Dunfermline –  Andrew Carnegie, author Joseph Frazier Wall.   Archives held at Carnegie College, Halbeath, Dunfermline.

 3 points  about George Lauder.

George Lauder 1814 – 1901.    

George Lauder was a man ahead of his time. He was an educationalist who persistently campaigned for free secondary and technical education.  He was a chartist, who owned a grocer’s shop in Dunfermline High Street in the 19th century, and was an uncle and mentor to the young Andrew Carnegie.

As a chartist he hosted meetings around ‘The People’s Charter’ which was first published by the London Working Men’s Association on 8th May 1838 because of the economic misery and political disillusionment that followed the Reform Act of 1832.   Asa Briggs a British historian stated that “Chartism was never a single movement but a combination of reforming groups”.  The Charter was used in Lauder’s case at meetings when he was campaigning for a  living wage for the working- class.  He fought to give working people a voice in their lives through votes for the working -class because only middle -class property owners could vote under the Reform Act 1832  in Britain.  He stood up for freedom against slavery.

As a campaigner for education his keen interest was particularly secondary and technical education.  George Lauder continually campaigned for the reduction of fees and ultimately for a free secondary and technical school education.

3 points about Andrew Carnegie.

Andrew Carnegie (1835 – 1919).

In the period that was Andrew Carnegie’s working life in America Andrew he was an Industrialist and also a Capitalist this in turn made him the 2nd richest man in the world in the 19th century. 

 After he made his money he became a philanthropist, he gave huge sums of money to the building of libraries, colleges and universities and the setting up of Trusts.  He was a great benefactor to his birth and childhood town of Dunfermline where he gave money to Trusts, the building of public baths, a library, a concert hall, and Pittencrieff Park to name but a few.  He gave £13,000 to the building of Lauder Technical School.

Lauder Technical School was opened in 1899 and named after George Lauder at the request of Andrew Carnegie.  This request was unusual because Andrew Carnegie said “I never interfere with any gift I give, but it would give me and Mrs Carnegie genuine pleasure if you would approve of calling this Technical School the Lauder Technical School”.

Quotes from Speech George Lauder (1814 – 1901) asked to be given in his behalf on the Opening of Lauder Technical College. (1899).

“if we have done this for Dunfermline (that is, given it a Technical School) what is Dunfermline going to do for itself”.

Quote from J. F. Kennedy 35th President USA 1961 in his Inaugural address.

“And so my fellow Americans ask not what your country can do for you: ask what you can do for your country”.

Could Kennedy have read G. Lauder’s speech at some point?

  Lauder’s  thinking was as relevant in 1899 and the idea good enough to be used in an iconic Presidential address over 60 years later in 1961.  In the year 2013 George Lauder’s thinking is as relevant as it was 114 years ago.  Certainly a man ahead of his time.

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Clarify Brief – Production Project on Lauder/Carnegie College

Our group is made up of 4 people, Agnieszka, Boguskia.  Grant, Yvonne.  We will produce an electronic booklet 10 pages long showing some of the long history of Lauder/Carnegie Colleges.  We will look at this 114 year history taking into account what changes have and are happening to the College.  These changes could perhaps be investigated through the curriculum and buildings which are expected to meet the needs of Dunfermline and West Fife Communities.

Our group will question whether the College has adapted through time it’s courses and buildings to match the needs of the community it serves. 

We will along with the e-book  produce a short film of the college students today and their histories with the college. 

Week 1, 2, 3.   Define brief and put in our ideas on what we might research around periods of change in Lauder/Carnegie College and the community it serves.  To be taken into account is the short research period as we must keep to the planned timetable for completion of our e-book and video.

Ideas – Around  areas of research.  Around info-graphics to be produced. 

Use copyright free photographs  of people and buildings if unsuccessful in this research, adapt script to use our own photographs of people and buildings.

Week 2 – 4 Research.  Week5-6 Analysis & Development.

Weeks – 7&8.  Production of 10 page e-book and short video. 

Week 8 – 10 Evaluation.

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Copyright Free Videos – (1) BBC Channel 4 (2) Open University  This is a site where you can get copyright free video you can also use this site to upload your own videos for others to use and you can also enter competions.

Use of the site – In accordance with the site you agree to use the site for your own personal use, non-commercial use.

You cannot copy, reproduce, download, post, store, distribute, transmit, broadcast commercially exploit or modify in anyway the sites material or content or assist any third party to do the same.   The site also has a privacy statement.

It also has a disclaimer ‘links to other websites are completely unrelated to the Foundation


The second copyright free video website I have chosen is the Open University’s Site.

Copyright of the OpenLearn Website:  The material including free courses made available on the OpenLearn site (materials) are released under the terms of the ‘Creative Commons Licence’.

This allows you to use the materials throughout the world without payment but for non-commercial purposes only.  The site requests that this Creative Common Licence is read in full before downloading or otherwise making use of materials e.g. such as video and photographic images.

When using Materials you must attribute us (Open Learn) and any identified author in accordance with the terms of the Creative Commons Licence. Each of the free courses has an “Acknowledgments” section which will identify the author/owner(s) and any Special Restriction(s) applying. You must take account of and abide by any restrictions set out in this section in using any of the free courses.

This Site also contains proprietary materials which are owned by or licensed to us (Open Learn) and which are not subject to the Creative Commons Licence. These materials which will be identified as “PROPRIETARY” include our logos and trading names (e.g. OpenLearn), certain photographic and video images, sound recordings and the design, layout and appearance of and graphics contained within this Site. These proprietary materials are protected by intellectual property rights. Unauthorised use of these materials may constitute intellectual property infringement.

Copyright and rights falling outside the terms of the Creative Commons Licence are retained or controlled by The Open University.


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Metric Montage

Metric montage relies on editing to get over emotion.  Where a number of frames are cut from clips of video (based on the pysical nature of time)  you cut to the next shot no matter what is happening in the clip you have taken the cut from.

To complete a metric montage I had to import six large clips of video I had taken of Meekcats guarding and protecting their clan.

I clipped these into 4 second segments and edited them together using the software CS6 Adobe Premier Pro. I added a title credit and end credit using Jokerman LET font.  I then used the theme from Top Gun to highten the emotion on the video.  I imported this music into Premier Pro from Youtube.  I then exported the completed montage into youtube.  Here is the  Link

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reportage food

one reportage image as a collage from google images made up of 5 photographs which is then followed by 5 images I have taken to make up a reportage.


DSCN0443 DSCN0444 DSCN0449 DSCN0450 DSCN0457

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interior room photos

The interior photographs are of bathroom, storage room, kitchen 3 photographs from google images .





These are the 3 photographs I have taken of the bathroom, storage space, and kitchen.




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