Research-exhibition project (8 photos -architecture, family

  1.  Brief Interpretation. – Take 4 photographs of architecture I have decided  Pittencrieff Park as the theme. Take  4 photographs of people I am going to use members of my extended family as the subjects of my photographs .  Age ranges of family is 5-85years.  Two reasons for using family
    (1)  I can put them at their ease.
    (2)   It will be easy for me to get their agreement as I will tell them how the pictures will be used.  Give them a copy of the picture.  Copyright therefore should not be a problem.Taken into account the keywords from the brief when taking the architectural photographs.  Make sure the photograph is not too busy in order that the eye is not distracted from the architecture.  These eight photographs of family and architecture have to be presented in both a printed book format and a digital presentation.  I will chose a publisher after I have taken the pictures and decided on the text  to be used for the book to be submitted.   I will use power-point for the presentation.
  1. PLAN
  2. Timeline – Weeks  1 – 3 Research.
    Weeks  4 – 6 Take Photographs
    Weeks  7  – 8 Evaluate photographs and make any changes using
    Weeks  9        Choose photographs and have text ready to go to
    publishers for a professional looking book.
    Week  10       Arrange to have book and text published.
  1. Week 1-3 Research using the web and photography books.  This is most important in order that the photographs are creative and taken in accordance with the requirements of the brief.Use some photographs by professional architectural and portrait photographers to show creative photographs.

What is good architectural photography?
Free from perspective distortion .
In focus, with a long depth of field, well composed.
Taking into consideration not just the subject itself, but how that subject effects it’s surrounding as well.

moment in time are captured in family portraits alongside those you care for most.  As time goes on, the family will welcome new members and see other pass on.

Location that has significance, purely to add to the emotional depth of the shot. For example, use the garden of a family member.  A simple open space will be sufficient, although ensure there are no distractions in the background of your shot to detract from the main focus, the family!

 Arrange your family to ensure you have a visually engaging and balanced shot.

When positioning the shot don’t have your family facing the sun.  Similarly, you don’t want the camera facing the sun as you’ll have a shot full of faces cast with shadow, so aim for a set up within which the family is side on to the natural light.

Settings   If a large group to be taken you’ll want a fairly narrow aperture, from f/8 up to f/11 should ensure that you’ve got everything in focus front to back.
If a small group to be taken  these shot naturally lend themselves to being less formal. Select a slightly wider aperture than before, maybe f/5.6.  which will enable you to capture the smiling faces and blur out the background.

Some Creative Photographs from Professional Photographers.





Charlotte NC Child Portrait Photographer

Some creative architectural photographs taken by professionals.




Toronto Architecture



Dreams About Architecture

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