Users and e-books Product Research


Our group is choosing to target the 40-55 year age group.

e books

Our group would define an e book as an electronic book that allows us to have many books within a small electronic device that allows you to carry a library around with you in your pocket or handbag.
It takes up a small storage space in your home.

You read it like an ordinary book using buttons to navigate the pages and chapters.  It also has a thesaurus and dictionary built into it.   Most books allows you to comment on them and send your likes to twitter and facebook.  When you have finished reading it also brings up other books of a similar nature and books by the same author to encourage you to buy more.

Books have to be available to be read in many different screen sizes.   Some of these sizes the formats would have to deal with are smart phones, I-pads,e -books,P.C. and the different software involved for these devices.

To create an e-book will will be using a users group of 40-55 and we will be using the appropriate format, fonts, photographs, info graphics, and style suitable for this group.


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