Clarify Brief – Production Project on Lauder/Carnegie College

Our group is made up of 4 people, Agnieszka, Boguskia.  Grant, Yvonne.  We will produce an electronic booklet 10 pages long showing some of the long history of Lauder/Carnegie Colleges.  We will look at this 114 year history taking into account what changes have and are happening to the College.  These changes could perhaps be investigated through the curriculum and buildings which are expected to meet the needs of Dunfermline and West Fife Communities.

Our group will question whether the College has adapted through time it’s courses and buildings to match the needs of the community it serves. 

We will along with the e-book  produce a short film of the college students today and their histories with the college. 

Week 1, 2, 3.   Define brief and put in our ideas on what we might research around periods of change in Lauder/Carnegie College and the community it serves.  To be taken into account is the short research period as we must keep to the planned timetable for completion of our e-book and video.

Ideas – Around  areas of research.  Around info-graphics to be produced. 

Use copyright free photographs  of people and buildings if unsuccessful in this research, adapt script to use our own photographs of people and buildings.

Week 2 – 4 Research.  Week5-6 Analysis & Development.

Weeks – 7&8.  Production of 10 page e-book and short video. 

Week 8 – 10 Evaluation.

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