Copyright Free Videos – (1) BBC Channel 4 (2) Open University  This is a site where you can get copyright free video you can also use this site to upload your own videos for others to use and you can also enter competions.

Use of the site – In accordance with the site you agree to use the site for your own personal use, non-commercial use.

You cannot copy, reproduce, download, post, store, distribute, transmit, broadcast commercially exploit or modify in anyway the sites material or content or assist any third party to do the same.   The site also has a privacy statement.

It also has a disclaimer ‘links to other websites are completely unrelated to the Foundation


The second copyright free video website I have chosen is the Open University’s Site.

Copyright of the OpenLearn Website:  The material including free courses made available on the OpenLearn site (materials) are released under the terms of the ‘Creative Commons Licence’.

This allows you to use the materials throughout the world without payment but for non-commercial purposes only.  The site requests that this Creative Common Licence is read in full before downloading or otherwise making use of materials e.g. such as video and photographic images.

When using Materials you must attribute us (Open Learn) and any identified author in accordance with the terms of the Creative Commons Licence. Each of the free courses has an “Acknowledgments” section which will identify the author/owner(s) and any Special Restriction(s) applying. You must take account of and abide by any restrictions set out in this section in using any of the free courses.

This Site also contains proprietary materials which are owned by or licensed to us (Open Learn) and which are not subject to the Creative Commons Licence. These materials which will be identified as “PROPRIETARY” include our logos and trading names (e.g. OpenLearn), certain photographic and video images, sound recordings and the design, layout and appearance of and graphics contained within this Site. These proprietary materials are protected by intellectual property rights. Unauthorised use of these materials may constitute intellectual property infringement.

Copyright and rights falling outside the terms of the Creative Commons Licence are retained or controlled by The Open University.


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