Rule of Thirds – an aid to picture composition

Rule of thirds:  Tom Ang (Fundamentals of Modern Photography, Bounty Books 2008) writes that the ‘The Golden Ratio is the foundation for the Rule of Thirds and that if you divide the picture into thirds and line up major elements with the sections the resulting composition will appear pleasing,

How to use the Rule of Thirds for better framing from (the Complete Digital Photo Manual, 2011 by Sevenoaks page 77).  The rule involves imagining your scene divided into thirds both vertically and horizontally, with nine equal segments.  The rule then suggets you place your main point of interest on any of the four points where the lines intersect for a balanced and pleasing composition.  I’ts also not a bad idea to place the horizon on one of the horizontal lines too.

The first three images are from a search of images by Google showing the lines that inform the placement of the main subject conforming with the Rules of Thirds.

  The second set of three images are photographs I have taken to illustrate my understanding of the Rules of Thirds.


rule of thirds

grant in park maderia pink orchids loro park Pink White flowers and coloured fish

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