Re-sizing 2 photographs

Required to re-size 2 photographs in order that they could be made suitable for web use.  In the JPEG format that the camera uses the number of pixels are large making for a very big file size.  I was also asked to give the original resolution, dimensions and file size.

First photo is original and the Resolution is 300dpi the dimensions are 4608×3456 pixels File size is 6,707 KB


This is the resized version of the white/wine orchid the resized measurements are as follows resolution 300dpi. Dimensions are 800×600 pixels and the file size is 469KB

sized l white-wine orchid

The second original photo is of a lizard and red flowers the sizes are as follows

original 300dpi  dimension 4608×3456 pixels and file size 6,707

original lizard red flowers

This is the measurements of the resized lizard and red flowers photo. 300dpi. 800x600pixels for the dimension file size 469KB.

sized lizard red flowers

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