Studio Photographers work and equipment

“In studio photography lighting and background is under the photographer’s control.  If you are a creative person and know how to use all your studio equipment you will get wonderful results”.Philip Greenspun Link

The downside of this is if you aren’t creative and do not use your equipment well the results will be poor.

He states if you have a big budget you can hire a studio and equipment.

He concentrates on lighting when discussing Studio Photographers needs.  Hot lights, HMI lights (mercury medium arc iodide lights) Warm lights resonably high colour rendering index (CRI) Cold light electronic flashes more powerful than the ones on cameras.  Sunlight through studio windows.  He gives pros and cons of the use of these.

Other equipment to go with lighting would be Handheld flash meter for computing lighting ratios, reflectors, umbrellas, light stands, wireless trigger, studio stand for tripod and cameras.

Bankground in the studio he suggests seemless paper or muslim if colour is wanted in a portrait background.

Image World 20th March 2007  states a need to understand how lighting works.    What can you do with light? Can you bend it? Break it? Overcome it? Colour it? Shape it? all these things and more can be acheived in a studio environment.

As well as the equipment mentioned above and the control studio photographers have over lighting, Studio Photographers need SLR Camera, Lenses.

It may be that with CS6 Photoshop they may not need a lot of equipment and expensive lighting to get great creative results.

  Another string to Studio Photographers bow would be the need to consider if they want portable equipment if they wish to do outside work too,  many do e.g. weddings, special occassions, home visits and so on.


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