Sports Photographer equipment and work

“sports photography is all about seizing the moment, capturing the drama and telling a story” these are the words of Tom Jenkins The Guardian’s Sports photographer. 


He says “find a story to tell” and some of his guidelines for a masterclass in sports photography is preperation you only get one chance to get it right.  Photographers need to know the sports they are covering its rules, personalities, and its rhythms.  Research e.g. where the light will fall at a certain time of day.

Combining a novel angle with strong lighting can transform  a photograph.  Indoors harsh floodlighting can be made to work for the photographer as Outside photographers can do the same with strong sunlight.  

When Tom Jenkins took a picture of Mo Farah at the Olympics he wanted to show the emotion of the crowd.  He set up a remote control camera low down and used a wide angle that would capture the athlete and the crowd celebrating.

He says you don’t need expensive equipment right away all you need is a camera that lets you play with basic settings such as shutter speed and aperture, and states you can only achieve – and learn – so much when everything is automatic.  Hs suggests sports photographers should spend money on waterproofing their equipment and themselves.

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