News Photographer work and equipment  News Photographers photograph people, landscapes, merchandize and other subjects using digital or film camera equipment.  News Photographers may develop negatives or use computer software to produce finished images.

They have to think creatively, detect changes in circumstances and events in order to choose most appropriate photographs.  They may need to influence others through photography to buy merchandize also to change peoples’ minds or actions.   They need good health because their job may include, lifting climbing, balancing and walking.

It’s important that they are socially perceptive – being aware of others reactions and understand why they react the way they do.   They also need to develop constructive ways of working with others and maintaining these relationships.

News photographers must be able to use computer systems and understand there software.

Equipment needed – Camera bag 2 camera bodies slr and lenses minimum 14mm-200mm, also compact camera, chamois, 2 sv900 flashes, battery pack small tripod to set up remote camera, large tripod, waterproof covers, cables and filters.  Sound recorder for ambiance but not essential.

News photographers can either work freelance or with a newspaper group in which case their equipment is usually paid for them by the newspaper.

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