Research Copyright free images

I have been asked to find 2 websites with copyright free images and state restrictions and opportunities for web use.

The 2 sites I have chosen to discuss are Link

This site is a Community-Indexed Photo Archive and is a resource for college and photo-montage.  Photos are free and can be searched by thumbnails, keywords and image association.  It is good material for our own image editing projects.  It sets out opportunities and restrictions.

The following information from the site discusses fair use of copyright free images and acceptable site use policy.

Fair Use of Copyright-Free Images

The images and photos found in this archive come from three main sources: the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). Each of these sites clearly state that their photos and images are in the public domain and give the conditions for their use. Please read their statements.

The photos you’ll find here are copyright free, but some restrictions still apply. Specifically, people have a legal right to privacy, and the use of their likeness for commercial advertising typically requires a consent agreement. If a person is recognizable in an image, a model release must be obtained before using the image for commercial purposes.

In principle, if an photo is sufficiently modified so that individuals are no longer “recognizable”, it should be okay to use. In any and all cases, the final responsibility for the fair use of the images found on this site is yours. The advice you are reading here is not a qualified legal opinion. You should seek legal advice if you have any questions or doubts about your use of images containing recognizable individuals.

Finally, as stated on the web sites of NASA, the NOAA, and the FWS, the use of these agencies’ official emblems to implicitly or explicitly endorse any product, organization, policy, or agenda is strictly prohibited by law.

Acceptable Site Use Policy

Because is built on limited resources, you are requested to refrain from trying to automatically download the entire image archive collection. The available bandwidth just would not permit such an activity. If you have a hankering for your own image archive you can easily create one by following the instructions given in the section entitled Sources of Raw Image Materials in Grokking the GIMP.


This is a place to go on the web for free photographic images taken by others you can also add your own.

They ask where possible you credit the photographer you can use the free photos in creative projects.

Using these free photos still means you have responsibility for model release and property release similar to taking the picture yourself but you cannot claim ownership of image.

You need to contact the photographer if you want to alter the image.  You can then if you have his agreement use for calenders tee shirts etc.

You can also put your own pictures on with a license that allows you to sell your pictures.

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