Music technology – MIDI(musical instrument digital interface

Midi – For people working with musical instruments.   Mostly used by classical musicians and dance music.

Musicians record notes to a midi file its like a musical score.  There is no audio in it its just like a traditional musical score  Its data about the notes.  Like electronic sheet music.

It’s good for ring tones and games.

Midi files are very small because it takes up a very small space.

Works through the principle of voice e.g trumpet  violin drum and triggered by a sound card to computer.  It is a way of getting things transferred to one another e.g. trumpet sound sample to computer or by synthesyser to sound card to make the noise.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface – MIDI

used to store data about musical notes and to transfer that data between electronic instruments.

Popular uses – musicians, karaoke, ringtones, games.

Midi files are very small compared with audio files as they only contain information about the notes played.

To get a sound from a midi file you need to trigger an audio sample.




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