Museum Screens

LCD Screens split into sections – Different content in each section – either dynamic or static.  Content that moves or changes that is up to date is dynamic.  Static stays the same for a period of time.

Can be a power point presentation and may go through cycles.  Content to go in tell it when to play and where it is played.

Touch screens – with audio on stand can interact with people and give information and also on other things around the particular exhibitions draws you into other things around it.  Education is much more interactive.

Chinese gave background and the culture it was created in at that time. made in LCD screen with a video look They paid attention to the lighting which gave ambiance to the experience.

Very large Screens working from projectors.  Enhanced the fish and brought the lifeforms to life.  Content very important.

Science experiment a small screen shows how you can see all-round vision.  Takes us into the educational and interactive.  The racing car was also interactive to give you a feeling of driving the care.

Giant ball with projector inside talked about planet earth.  This was a 3D specialized screen with data moving graphics need to think of projecting onto a curve.

Museum also had traditional backlit information.

Also museum had cinema screen which was curved and you could sit in seats it had 2 projectors overhead giving a cinema like experience.

Table top screen interactive for people.  Museum adapted for  children e.g. given jigsaw pieces with animals on them to put into slots, when all are in a picture appears on the table of the predator that eats the type of food that the childen put into the jigsaw.


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