zooming with fire video

Plan – Notes on Zooming with Fire Video

Agnieszka, Boguslawa,Grant,Yvonne.

Chris asked that we produce a plan for a video.  We were to work  in a group and were expected to use the zoom in our video and to use the internet for out of world and aerial views of Carnegie College and to take views of the college.  Each of us were to use the video camera and when completed to do our own editing.

The plan had eight scenes and 2 titles and was as follows:

Title –  Zoom

  1. Outer Space NASA World
  2. Google Earth Aerial view U.K. Dunfermline, Carnegie College.
  3. Long Shot Carnegie College taken from Halbeath Round-a-bout.
  4. Corridor in building construction Carnegie College
  5. Media Space Door Carnegie College
  6. Media Space Class room close shot
  7. Close up face Media Space.
  8. Extreme close-up Eyes

Title – End

The original plan changed to above when we carried out the video.

We then individually edited the video using mp4. choosing music and shots that we wanted to use but all using the above plan.

this is a link to my finished video


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