How to add sparkle to a sundress

I was asked to take a video of 2 minutes or slightly more to demonstrate how to make something.  It was left very open and Chris suggested we look into videojug to get some ideas and how other people tackled this task.  My choice of task was as follows:

How to individualize and add sparkle to a piece of clothing – (sundress)

  • To brighten up and individualize a favourite piece of clothing, sewing on sequins is a cheap way to add sparkle.
  • The sundress I am using for the demonstration  is bright blue with brightly printed parrots in various colours.
  • The materials I need are:

Red green yellow blue brown black sequin’s.
Same coloured threads as the sequin’s
needle and sissors.  I will use red thread and sequins to demonstrate the process.

Sewing sequins on by hand.
Make sure the sequins are sewn on flat.
Use both individual sequins and strings of sequins.

It takes me a while to complete the sequins on a parrot.  The plus side is I can wear the dress when only some of the parrots have sequins.

Obviously I demonstrated the above but to do the technical part of the assignment I took a movie of another students demonstration (Grant McLeod)

I used a Sony bloggie camera and a tripod to complete the assignment.  I also had to set up the room in order that there was not a lot of distraction from the video.  The room was mostly covered in white sheets and white blinds and walls.  The tripod allowed me to get different angles to do panning of the demonstration without camera shake.  I found it difficult to zoom in therefore I depended on the panning to get the close ups, I hope in the future to improve my zooming in technique in order that it is not so jumpy.

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