Interrelationshop between facebook,twitter,Youtube,Google.

Interrelationships – This I feel is more important than just adding a sentence at the end of Google saying that the above are interrelated and this relationship has an impact on our lives.

When I set out to complete the assigned task to look at the impact each of the above had on our lives I saw this as 4 seperate assignments.  This was because before coming on this course I has never used the first three and only Google to search the price of things.   I knew since coming on the course that a relationship was there and it affected users but did not really understand it’s importance and impact to users as well as to non users.  Impacts that are I feel magnified because of the interrelationshiip of these sites.

These sites are all very big business and they will each do their best to protect themselves as well as giving a service to users.   We may use them differently but their power to effect how we think, learn,buy, get our news is there.  People who don’t use the sites are also affected even if they don’t have a computer e.g. Borders bookshop closed argueably because Amazon took away a lot of its business this is understandable because before buying a book you can easily find out how others rate it and decide if you want to spend money on it.   People who don’t have a computer suffer as they buy differently they could look at the book before buying this is important for buying art books but their choices of local shops are now limited.

Google is now influencing which local shops we may use becaue of the priority they give them when we seach for an item.   Now the digital shops are in the same position as local shops when they were were afraid for their chunk of the market.   They may be more savvy by  using the above sites differently to combat Googles changes, in fact I see in our high street shops notices in their windows saying they are now on facebook.

We learn differently and are taught differently too.  Tom Chatfield’s book 50 digital ideas you really need to know is short only203 pages he condenses important ideas

Data is only useful if you can find it.

Data means nothing without analysis

Now anyone can be an author.

The web is the words biggest shop window.

Virtual Goods – Value has little to do with physical reality.

These are only a few of the 50 condensed ideas within the book.

On an individual level I can only say that information  given on the access media studies course is given quickly and in chunks and we have to assimulate this quickly.  We skim the surface and have to move on.

The impact on peoples lives is enormous some good some not so good as can been seen from the individual assignments which looked at individuals groups and society.  It is clear that the internet is evolving as are the websites and the way people use them.

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