Brief on 18 themed pictures of my choosing.

Brief was to work in pairs and take 15 – 20 pictures of any theme.

It was an open brief and we chose bridges over burns in Dunfermline and Anstruther, to be taken within two weeks.   This was chosen because I felt it would be easier to take still pictures rather than moving objects also bridges and their surroundings can be beautiful.

I used an SLR camera but needed help from my partner.  I also needed a tripod to keep the camera steady.  I used the LCD rather than viewing  through the lens but this seemed to change the colours and I had to go back and retake the pictures in Dunfermline.   This was unfortunate because I felt the light was better the day before.

I followed the rules of composition as given in the tutorial where appropriate this helped as the pictures didn’t need the intensive cropping I usually have to give them.

I used photoshop 9, to crop, enhance and in some cases where I thought appropriate I gave them the appearance of photographs or stain glass windows by using the fluorescent chalk for the stain class effect and various other effects i.e. dry paint brush to give the effect of a painting.

The project was interesting but a lot of the bridges were ugly cement blocks and could not be used.  I did not  have as many different bridges to choose from as I had hoped because I did not want to use ugly cement block bridges.  I found it difficult to climb around to get the angles for the pictures I wanted.

It was quite difficult to chose which photos to keep and how to change them.  Photoshop had so many effects it was important to use the appropriate one.  It was also instructive using the different effects.

The best quality Jpeg pictures were taken because this allowed for cropping and also gave a better photograph.  I enjoyed the project.

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