Brief on cat and mouse animation

We (4 in our group) were required to design and produce an animation around 2 minutes long.  Discussion in class gave ideas on how to proceed.

We did some research on youtube to find out what others had done.  We looked for examples of stop motion animation.  I used

After the research on how others worked the group discussed what we would need to complete the process.  We decided on who would do what.  It was decided that plasticine models would suit the idea we came up with best.

Items needed to physically produce the animation storyline was  plasticine models and a digital camera.

Fortunately the area we had to produce the photographs was well lit and the images were very clear.    Using our idea we started producing the animation.  It quickly became apparent that we would have to extend our storyline  because we needed more pictures to give us a reasonable length of animation.   This was done as we went along with everyone in the group throwing in ideas.   We were fortunate that we were on the same waveband and the story flowed seamlessly.

The amount of images taken was 286, but a very few had to be removed i.e. a hand showed in some when the models were moved.  After the required  storyline images were taken they were speeded up to make the animation 1 minute and 15 seconds long.  I then had to create a project folder on pendrive for the animation.

My own experience of this part was that it went smoothly and I was happy with the outcome up to here.

The next part caused me lots of problems due to not using this type of software before and I was quite stressed.   I found using the software a problem everything moved very quickly and I did not have a good understanding of what I was doing. i.e. the software photoshop crashed because of the amount of pictures that it was expected to resize.  I had no idea how to correct this.  We also had to use moviemaker Animation.WMV  software and Adobe Premier Pro.  Go into Freesound. Org to capture sounds to go with the Title ‘The cat and the dog’.  I then had to go to youtube to search for music for the animation and fit all this to the image track  I also had to import a movie title at the beginning and end.

One member of the group is helping me as we proceeded to deal with the software.   I have received as a lot of individual help from  the tutor.   I find for me using the software programmes I have to repeat the processes over and over in order that I understand what I’m doing.

On the plus side I have learned how to go into sites and grab information and move this into the project.

With a lot of help I have completed the annimation adding music and animal sounds to the images.   Link

I found the project interesting and very challenging.  I had no trouble understanding the brief given and the requirement to be met.   Carrying out the technical side caused me the problems.

Working with others in the group was helpful to me.  I hope to be able, in future projects  to build on what I have learned in this one.

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