Search of Hardware needed to support software.

I looked at what was needed to support windows system XP not Apple or AMD.

To support Adobe Photoshop CS5 software  the minimum hardware is as follows:

2 GHz or faster processor

Windows XP with service Pack

1 GB of Ram

1 GB hard disc space for installation and a little more(photoshop cannot be installed on flash based storage devices)

1,280X 800 display recommended with qualified hardware accelerated open GL (r) graphics card 16 bit colour and 256 MB VRAM

DVD-ROM drive

Some 3D features in Adobe Photoshop Extended require an Open GL 2.0 capable graphics card with at least 512MB of VRAM recommended

Quick Time 7.4.5 required for multimedia features

Broadband Internet connection required for on-line services.

Some software used: Photoshop Adobe Illustrator CS5,Wave audio File Format and Picasa and Aviary. Mdrive pattern software, Adobe Premier Pro. Animation .WMV.

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