Questions on Facebook History

When did it start?  February 2004

What was it like in the beginning?

Lists of people and photos

Who started it?

Mark zugerberg & friends

How did it develop into what it is to-day?

It started at Harvard University as a kind of instant year book that they have in American colleges.  It moved out of colleges into the public arena with lots of people joining it not only college students.   Britain embraced it more quickly than those outside colleges in America because in America it was seen as a student thing.  This of course is no longer true now and the people joining are of all ages and ethnicities.

Who uses it and what for?

Families small businesses friends work collegues.  To communicate and keep up with people.   Facebook is a social utility that allows anyone to sign up and interact with others.

If it was taken off the web to-morrow would it really matter?

Yes it would matter i.e. It gives voices to people who otherwise would not be heard.  What would take it’s place?   In asking this question I am then looking for a replacement for it.  In this alternative media age people want everything instantly therefore I think at the present time this is an efficient way for instantaneous communication and it is easy to join.

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