photos from around college 13 in number

jamie Grant and I had worked in a group before taking pictures.   I knew we would have no problems working together on Graeme’s remit.

The guidance and technical support we received from Graeme enabled me to complete the aims set.  We followed the rules laid out in the brief and managed to take 13 of the 15 pictures using creativity and initative.  e.g. a wall drawing of a girl I held up paper with the name Emma on it to enable us to add another picture.   Also time was running out for us and it was agreed we should try the children’s books in the library to fulfil our assignment.

The 13 images we captured were then loaded onto our flash drives and  I uploaded these onto my blog.

One thing I should have done better was to take more time to discuss with Jamie and Grant the brief but because it was similar to the ransom note assignment we charged ahead in the same way.   Thinking about it in retrospect perhaps one of us should have went straight to the library to find as many of the images as possible while the other two went around the college it would have been a more efficient use of time,  We could have met up and any pictures missing could be added from the books.  That would give a better chance of completing all the pictures.

Nonetheless I believe myself and the group completed the assignment the result being this blog with the pictures in it.

I found the task set very informative to my learning to find my way around the various applications on the computer.



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